The captive club calls on international organizations to pressure the occupation to take preventive measures inside prisons

Today, the Al-Asir Club called on the World Health Organization and international organizations working in the field of human rights to put pressure on the Israeli occupation in order to take the highest levels of preventive measures in the prisoners' sections, in light of the spread of Virus Covid-19 ( Corona) on a global scale.

The Prisoners Club emphasized that the Occupation Prisons Administration is the body that bears responsibility for the health and lives of the prisoners, and demanding the provision of the necessary procedures for them, particularly sterilization and cleaning materials, especially since the prisons are closed places and the prisoners' rooms are overcrowded, except that some prisons do not meet the oldest health conditions specifically Among them, which contributed over the past years and in normal times to causing diseases that claimed the lives of many prisoners.

The Prisoners Club pointed out that the prison administration measures recently imposed on the prisoners, including reducing cleaning materials, threatening the prisoners ’lives under the current conditions, and thus bear full responsibility for their lives and their fate.

It is noteworthy that the number of prisoners in the occupation prisons amounts to about (5000) male and female captives, among them approximately (200) children, and (700) captives who suffer from various diseases, including more than (200) who suffer from chronic diseases and are of low health immunity. .


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