A beautiful Russian model accuses Putin of trying to kill her.

Moscow _ Agencies

A Russian fashion model recently confirmed that her president, Vladimir Putin, sent agents to Britain to "assassinate her" with nerve gas in a restaurant in Salisbury, western England.

According to a 30-year-old newspaper "Telegraph ", the British confirmed that it was one of two people whose health condition recently deteriorated after being attacked by a "mysterious" attack amid fears that the injury was caused by another nerve gas attack.

Earlier, the British police explained that no one had recently been attacked with nerve gas, but the investigation was still underway on what had happened.

Shapiro said her father was a Russian army general and worked in the military orchestra, adding that her husband, Alex King, 42, collapsed in the restaurant's bathroom as the butter was coming out of his mouth and still in the hospital to this day.

She explained that the Russian intelligence is targeting it because it declares the position of the opposition to the Buton and because it appears in Moscow's view as an agent of a foreign state.

Britain earlier accused Russia of masterminding a "chemical" nerve gas attack against former Russian agent Sergei Scribal and his daughter, which Moscow denied, but the incident led to an unprecedented deterioration in relations between the two municipalities.

Meanwhile, the British newspaper "sun " quoted a security source likely to have been caused by the use of "rat poison".


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