An American young woman wounded her relative while having fun with a pistol !!

Houston police announced the arrest of a Texas teenager who had shot her relative (10 years) while taking personal photos of a pistol, a new incident recorded in a state where the tragedies associated with the use of weapons are common Asphalt.

"Kaitlyn Smith, a 19-year-old white woman, was arrested for causing serious bodily harm to a child," said Ed Gonzales, police chief of Harris County, where the incident occurred.

Caitlin Smith was caring for her relative in North Houston on Tuesday, when she took a pistol and took pictures while holding him in different directions as she pinned the trigger, ABC reported, according to local authorities.

It was reported that she had accidentally shot and wounded her relative in the stomach.

In addition, the child underwent surgery and was in a "critical" condition, while Ed Gonzales indicated that hope for a "full recovery" exists.

Caitlin Smith was arrested Thursday in Harris County, according to local media.

In 2018, about 458 people were counted as a result of shootings in the United States.


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