Netanyahu approves building thousands of settlement units in Jerusalem and attacks Obama

 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced today, Tuesday, his approval of publishing a plan to build 3,500 settlement units in the area called E1 located in the vicinity of Maale Adumim settlement in Jerusalem.

At a settler conference in Jerusalem, Netanyahu stressed that he would continue to work for construction in Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Jordan Valley. Emphasizing that Israel will impose its sovereignty on all of these areas.

Netanyahu attacked the administration of former US President Barack Obama, accusing it of acting against his government and against Israel's interests. Pointing out that Israel under Obama and Bill Clinton suffered greatly and came under great pressure, especially during his presence (that is, Netanyahu) in power in Israel, in order to withdraw until the 1967 borders.

He pointed out that the Obama administration took a strict decision against Israel and would have conferred on it international legitimacy by presenting it before the United Nations and the Security Council, except that at his request (i.e. Netanyahu), Vladimir Putin stood up to the Russian President against the Obama administration and prevented this decision.

He pointed out that he worked to exert pressure on public opinion during the period of American pressure until he succeeded in influencing heavily inside and outside Israel, and thwarted these attempts.

And that, no matter how strong, Israel will find it difficult to comply with any attempt to impose international sanctions, which has not been imposed on it since its establishment. like he said.

"I represent the Jewish people who are fighting for their homeland, heritage and future, and I managed to fight those pressures, which were gaining different momentum, and I succeeded in facing those pressures."

"I like to hear my friends who came from the West Bank settlements praising the efforts and the steps that I did not take and my confrontation with the pressures that would have brought us to collapse, so I never thought about withdrawing as Ben Gurion did to withdraw from Sinai under pressure, I will not withdraw from any inch of land Israel".

Turning to the American plan "Deal of the Century", considering it a historic opportunity that should be seized because it recognizes the application of Israeli sovereignty over the Jordan Valley and the northern Dead Sea and all the small and large areas in the West Bank.

He asked what the Palestinians are asking to complete the negotiations, considering that they have no right to their demands before they make decisions to stop paying money to the families of the perpetrators of the operations, withdraw their claims against Israel at the International Court, and refrain from submitting requests to recognize Palestine as an independent state before international institutions, and that they must recognize Judaism. Israel, to give up the right of return, recognize Jerusalem as the unified capital of Israel, disarm Gaza and Hamas, stop incitement against Israelis, and implement a democratic constitution that guarantees freedom of elections, the press, and religious and expressive freedom.


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