China´s use of digital technologies helps fight the epidemic

Chinese regulators have called for the full use of information technology, including big data and artificial intelligence, to help curb the new Coronavirus epidemic and help companies resume work.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said in a notice that it will support internet application, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence in areas such as epidemiological surveillance, virus surveillance, epidemic prevention and treatment.

It also seeks to use internet platforms to produce, distribute, customize and manage medical supplies more efficiently.
The notice stated that more efforts were needed to coordinate cooperation between technology companies and medical research institutions to accelerate hiv diagnosis and drug and vaccine development.

At the same time, the Ministry has pledged to support the resumption of business, including online transport, logistics and rapid delivery, to ensure the availability of production materials and daily necessities.

The development of online lending based on business credit data and the strengthening of financing channels such as ip mortgagewill drive the guarantee of financing requirements for companies.

Since the outbreak, Chinese Internet and logistics companies have been leveraging their strong technology and supply chain management capabilities, as well as large user bases, to facilitate the containment of the virus.

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