The Prisoners Club: A dangerous stage that the prisoners face as a result of being restricted

 The Prisoners Club said that a dangerous stage facing the prisoners in the Israeli occupation prisons, after the administration's decision to impose more arbitrary measures and restrictions on them, and withdraw their accomplishments achieved through years of struggle and hunger strike.

In a statement, Al-Asir Club affirmed that these measures are a continuation of the implementation of the recommendations of the so-called “Ardan Committee” formed by the Minister of Internal Security for the occupation government “Gilad Ardan” in 2018, with the aim of stealing the achievements of the prisoners, knowing that over the past years, I tried to The occupation prisons administration imposed a new reality on them through the ongoing process of pillaging, to varying degrees, from one prison to another.

He continued, that the new measures affect the organizational life of the prisoners, and include the types of purchases from the "cantina", the quantity and quality of food, the dates and duration of the outburst, visits to families, the number of books, and the educational life of the prisoners.

He pointed out that the occupation prisons administration had already started implementing its procedures since September 2018, by installing cameras to monitor female prisoners in the "Hasharon" prison before transferring them to "Damon" after a confrontation imposed by the prisoners, and pulling hundreds of books from the "Hadarim" and "Nafha" prisons timely.

Recently, the Occupation Prisons Administration officially informed the prisoners of the implementation of new procedures, namely reducing the number of television channels from ten to seven, reducing the number of loaves of bread from five to four per prisoner per day, and withdrawing the tiles designated for cooking food, so that the prisoners depend on the food cooked by the prisoners Criminality, which is bad quality and quantity.

She was also informed of the withdrawal of dozens of items from the "cantina", and previously, special measures imposed on the prisoners in the "Ofer" prison since the beginning of this year, which were to reduce the expense for food and meat, and to provide only boiled eggs, and the prohibition of the use of colored covers, and allow only the same color .

The Prisoners' Club considered that the issue of transferring the child prisoners from Ofer Prison to Damoon Prison without their representatives for 36 days was part of the dangerous transformations that the occupation prisons are trying to impose.

With all the dialogues that took place between the prisoners and the prison administration, in order to resolve the issue of their detention in harsh and tragic circumstances, the administration insists on its position, and even imposes more repressive measures against them.

He added: "In addition to the case of repression operations that have increased in frequency since the beginning of last year, if they are compared with the previous years, in addition to the systematic torture that the occupation authorities intensified against the prisoners, specifically after August of last year, and until the beginning of this year, and extended About (50) prisoners.

It is noteworthy that 5 thousand prisoners are in the prisons of the occupation, of whom (450) are administrative prisoners, (200) children, and (42) prisoners.


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