Beijing requires returning citizens to stay indoors for 14 days

Beijing - "Jerusalem" dot com - (dpa) - Beijing's health authorities issued a notice on Friday inviting returning citizens to the city to stay at home for observation for 14 days upon their arrival, according to the Beijing Daily.

The newspaper, citing sources in the local health authority, said that people planning to return to the city must inform in advance the employers and the residential communities in which they live, according to Bloomberg.

Earlier today, the Chinese authorities announced that the number of coronavirus infections throughout the country has reached 55,748 cases and deaths reached 1,380 cases.

4,823 new injuries and 116 new deaths were recorded in Hubei Province alone, more than the previous day, according to regional authorities.

China corrected its figures nationwide as its initial daily update did not match previous data and figures from Hubei Province, the epicenter of the outbreak of the Coruna virus.


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