The number of Facebook users has reached 2.5 billion

The American social networking giant Facebook announced that the number of network users has increased by the end of the last quarter of last year to 2.5 billion users, in order to continue the rapid growth of the network's user base.

At the same time, the network’s expenses have increased with the expansion of new employees to meet its needs. Also, regulatory restrictions and privacy laws have made advertising activity for the network more difficult.

Facebook reported that about 1.66 billion users were using the network on a daily basis during the last quarter of last year. The total number of users of Facebook services, which also includes the social networking application, WhatsApp, the Instagram photo sharing and application, reaches about 2.89 billion users per month.

Facebook revenue increased during the last quarter of last year to 21.1 billion dollars, while profits increased by 7% to 7.35 billion dollars.

On the other hand, the share price of Facebook in post-closing trading fell yesterday by 7%.

It is noteworthy that the Facebook network has been under strong pressure from the US government since the scandal broke over the use of user data in favor of election campaigns and the referendum on Brexit in the United States and Britain, respectively, in 2016.

Since then, Facebook has imposed stricter rules on political ads as well as on fake accounts.


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