Children´s kindergartens in Gaza are on the verge of abyss due to the fuel shortage crisis

Gaza News Network

As soon as the Ministry of Health announced the near depletion of fuel stocks of hospitals in the Gaza Strip, which depend on the hospitals mainly for the generation of electric power, so that the most sensitive sections of hospitals are at great risk, the interruption of electricity means patients of these sections, the end of life.The Department of Preterm Nursery in Al-Shifa Medical Complex, one of the most dependent departments on the electricity supply. All of its equipment, including bio-monitoring devices and respirators, are directly dependent on the electrical current. Loss of electricity means loss of children's lives.In the same context, says the head of the Department of Child Custody at the Shifa Medical Complex d. Nasser Babil, said that all critical cases of newborns were transferred from all hospitals in the Gaza Strip to Al-Shifa Medical Complex. Any interruption of electricity for a quarter of an hour would mean the death of 20 children in the nursery.The head of the Children's Preschool Department continues that the continued interruption of electricity for more than that means the loss of life of all children sleeping in the sections of the three nurseries.And appeals to d. Nasser Bulbul, the need for urgent intervention to stop the threat to the lives of children and accelerate the search for solutions that will provide the electrical power necessary to continue the work of nurseries and protect children from the death of the surrounding.Al-Shifa Medical Complex warned during a press conference on Sunday that the fuel needed to operate the generators in the Gaza Strip would be depleted within a week, pointing to the risk of discontinuing service in sensitive sections of the hospital and the impact on the death of patients in those sections.

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