Warning of an environmental disaster affecting the Gaza Valley due to solid waste

Dr. Ahmed Hillis, an environmental specialist, warned of an environmental disaster affecting the Gaza Valley, in the central Gaza Strip, due to the accumulation of solid waste inside it.

Hillis said, in a press statement, that solid waste is disposed of in the Wadi Gaza Strip, along the course of the valley, indicating that it is covered with a layer of clay.

Hill added: "Burial of toxins and pollutants in the course of the valley, which represents a slow destruction of the environment, and leads to pollution of the groundwater and kill life for hundreds of years to come."

Hillis added, "We need approximately $ 15 million, and huge funds to remove this accumulation of solid waste over decades, which has accumulated in the course of the valley."

Hillis said that all these wastes accumulated through practices represented by backwardness and neglect by citizens and officials, which affected the various aspects of life in the region.

Hillis added: "We urgently need a strong official who is aware of the seriousness of the matter and understands its consequences. He places these calamities on the scale of priorities, cares about them and pursues them, and exerts all forms of pressure, crowd and advocacy at all international and local levels to solve them or reduce their size."

Hillis indicated that we need an adequately informed, informed, and respectable decision maker who can sense the danger, define treatment priorities so that pollution control is resistance, fighting the destruction of the environment is a struggle, and protecting our environment.


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