Chinese applications lose their appeal in the Indian market after booms

 Chinese applications for smart devices running Android operating system have achieved a remarkable spread in the Indian market during the past years until about 44 among the 100 most used applications in India have been produced by Chinese companies.

But this year has witnessed a clear decline in the popularity of Chinese applications in favor of local Indian applications that have succeeded in gaining a new market share, according to the report prepared by the app analysis and marketing research firm "ABS Flyer".

Another report issued by the research company "App Annie" indicated that 41% of the more than 200 applications installed on smart devices in India during the second and third quarters of this year were Indian applications, compared to only 38% last year.

The report stated that this shift towards domestic applications came at the expense of Chinese applications that lost a large part of their market share to reach 38% this year compared to 43% last year.

Chinese and Indian applications together account for 97% of the app market in India.

TechCrunch website specializing in technology issues pointed out that the decline in the popularity of Chinese applications came against the backdrop of the emergence of dozens of new Indian companies that provide digital services applications such as electronic payment systems, games, news services and entertainment during the last year and a half, according to the "Abs Flyer" which monitored 6.5 downloads One billion copies applied during the second and third quarters of this year in India.

The company, "Abs Flyer" that the Indian market, which currently contains more than 450 million smart phones, is witnessing strong competition among application developers from around the world, especially in light of the flexibility of the laws regulating this market.


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