Teacher in a school dressed for 100 days

Washington _ Agencies

One of the teachers in the United States deliberately wore the same costume for 100 days, in order to prove a specific purpose.

Julia Muni, an art teacher at a school in New Jersey, said she wore the same costume during that long period, in order to teach her students the concept of sustainability.

She explained in her interview with the channel  "The" W-B ", that wearing different clothes daily " very waste  "and that the fashion industry " huge contaminated ".

Muni is keen on wearing an "apron " while working in the classroom, to protect her gown from stains, she says she washes the dress down, and she also has backups of it.

In the end, Muni hopes that the "sustainability Project" will serve as an example for students, and plans to continue documenting their progress and sharing their lessons on environmental conservation practices through a "Instagram " account.


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