A thief steals a house "fortified" in two minutes.

Canada _ Agencies

A Canadian family was badly shocked by the fact that her house was robbed in broad daylight, although she took tight measures to secure it.

Surveillance cameras installed at the house in the Canadian city of Edmonton, a thief knocking the bell and then the front and rear doors of the house, were spotted like a regular guest, apparently trying to see if there was anyone inside.

After the thief, who was exposed to the face and wearing glasses, was sure that the house started beating the door with a lot of times with his shoulder so he could take it off and enter.

As reported by the Canadian website "Global News", on Tuesday, the robbery occurred in late August, when the owners of the house were outside.

The thief was able to steal a jewelry box and a computer, according to the police, who began investigating the case, but has not yet reached the thief.

The Canadian news website said that the family is concerned and disturbed, as it has spent much to secure the house from theft, such as putting surveillance cameras on all sides, closing doors with tightly sealed locks, and placing a guard dog abroad.

The family did not do so, having placed a notice on the door of the house stating that he was subject to surveillance cameras, but it did not seem to have been enough to deter the thief.

The owner of the house, Jürgen Mack, stated that even if there was a warning device, it would not be useful, as the theft did not take more than "two minutes


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