26 martyrs and 85 injured as a result of the Israeli aggression against Gaza

26 citizens, including a woman, were killed and 85 others injured as a result of the ongoing Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip since dawn Tuesday, in addition to the destruction of civilian property, apartments and sites in various cities and camps in the Gaza Strip.

On Tuesday, 10 citizens, including the leader of the Al-Quds Brigades, the military wing of The Islamic Jihad, Bahaa Abu al-Atta and his wife, were killed and 45 others injured as a result of the Israeli aggression. According to the Ministry of Health.

On Wednesday morning, the Ministry of Health confirmed the arrival of Shahid's body at al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital as a result of a raid carried out by israeli warplanes in the al-Maghraqa area in the central Gaza Strip.

The Al-Quds Brigades, "martyred commander Khaled Moawad Faraj, 38, one of its leaders in the Central Brigade, who was martyred by Israeli shelling in Al-Maghra qa'idin in the central Gaza Strip."

The martyrs are: Asma Mohammed Hassan Abu Al-Atta, Bahaa Salim Hassan Abu Al-Atta, Mohammed Atiyah Musleh Hammouda, Ibrahim Ahmed Abdul Latif Al-Dabus, Zaki Adnan Mohammed Ghanema, Abdullah Awad Sahab Al-Balbisi, Abdul Salam Ramadan Ahmed Ahmed, Rani Fayez Rajab Abu Nasr, Jihad Ayman Ahmed Abu Khater, Wael Abd Dear Abdullah Abdul Nabi, Khalid Moawad Salem Faraj, Ibrahim Ayman Fathi Abdel-Al, Ismail Ayman Fathi Abdel-Al, Rafat Mohammed Salman Ayad, Suhail Khader Khalil Qanita, Alaa Jabr Abdul Shtewi, Mahmoud Dahham Mahmoud Haitt, Islam Rafat Mohammed Ayad, Ahmed Ayman Fathi Abdel-Al, Amir Raafat Mohammed Ayad, Raed Rafik Ahmed Al-Sarsawi, Momen Mohammed Salman Kaddoum.

According to our news correspondent, Israeli F-16 warplanes occasionally fly in the gaza Strip and bomb civilian property and agricultural land, while reconnaissance planes continue to fly intensively.

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