The occupation government is waving open scenarios on Gaza

The Israeli government is ready for all possible scenarios it might carry out against the Gaza Strip following a renewed rocket fire, an Israeli political source said on Saturday.

"We are in a sensitive and explosive period in terms of security in the north and south," the source told Yediot Aharonot in an official statement from the interim Israeli Prime Minister's Office. According to him.

He added: "We are ready for all scenarios .. Netanyahu held security consultations last night with the leaders of the army ministry, and instructed the response and preparations for further action."

"We are in a state of national emergency," said Naftali Bennett, one of the poles of the new right-wing party. "It will not be possible for long to postpone the necessary radical treatment in Gaza.

"We should not embark on a third round that will prevent us from urgent security and civilian activity," he said. "I call on Netanyahu and Gantz to make concessions and form a government as soon as possible. We in the new right are doing our best to prevent elections and establish a unity government."

"Walla": The army is preparing to launch other rockets from Gaza

On the other hand, the site "Walla" Hebrew, on Saturday evening, that the Israeli army is preparing for the possibility of firing more rockets towards Israeli towns in the cover of the Gaza Strip.

According to the site, the Israeli army expects that the Palestinian factions in Gaza to respond to the air attack carried out at dawn today in response to the rocket fire last night.

The barrage of rockets fired from the Gaza Strip yesterday towards Sderot, while the occupation forces bombed positions of resistance, which led to the death of a citizen and wounding others west of Khan Younis.


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