Scientists discover why human face appears on the moon

Washington _ Agencies

NASA's planetary scientists have revealed the cause and the secret behind the appearance of the human Face on the moon, and its relationship with the so-called "moon-time" on the moon and its correlation with a particular magnetic field, one of which is the emergence of different patterns resembling the human face.

According to the site "Science al ", Rosa said today that scientists have been able to detect the so-called  "Moon-time " on its surface linked to a particular magnetic field, but not every area of the magnetic sphere raises the appearance of such patterns around.

The same site pointed out that the moon itself does not generate a global magnetic field, which is why the appearance of these patterns on the moon has been a mystery until recently, and some were watching the illusion of the "human Face on the moon", where the swirls created patterns resembling the face of man.

The researchers sought clarification that, thanks to the creation of a shareware model, these swirls should appear near or above the magnetic field resources under the moon, while these resources are located at an unsignificant depth and represent the vertical "lava tubes" that are formed by the uneven cooling of the sludge flowing from Volcanoes.

Scientists have reported that these "lava tubes" have been formed between 3 and 4 billion years ago, and scientists believe that these lava tubes perfectly explain the reason for the appearance of these patterns, in addition to the acquisition of lunar rocks during their temperature rise to 600 degrees Celsius and cooled in conditions of absence of oxygen Magnetic properties form the appearance of different patterns and shapes on the surface of the moon.


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