Jerusalem .. 188 "Israeli" break into the courtyards of Al-Aqsa

Jewish settlers continued their incursions into the courtyards of the Al-Aqsa Mosque on Thursday in the occupied city of Jerusalem, under tight security escorts from the israeli occupation police and its armed special forces.

Our correspondent said that 188 "Israelis" stormed the courtyards of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in the morning, on the side of the "Bab al-Maghrib", which has been under occupation since 1967.

According to Jerusalem sources, 39 settlers and 59 Jewish students have stormed al-Aqsa squares since this morning, amid attempts to perform Talmudic rituals and rituals.

The sources pointed out that the occupation police accompanied the intruders from the "Door of the Moroccans" and during their wandering in al-Aqsa courtyards and received explanations about the alleged "temple" and even their exit from the "door of the chain".

She noted that the occupation police continued their "racist" actions against the worshippers, prevented a number of them from entering al-Aqsa and detained the identity cards of others.

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