"Balance: 30 people killed since the beginning of the year in Gaza because of" internal violence and the absence of manifestations of the rule of law "

A total of 30 people have been killed in the Gaza Strip since the start of the year due to "internal violence and the absence of the rule of law," a Palestinian official said Saturday.

According to statistics, 116 others were injured, including 20 children and 7 women.

The statistics pointed out that the last killed Mohammed Abu Sahloul (27 years) resident of Khan Younis, who was killed on Thursday, during a family dispute between two families and wounded six of them.

Investigations reported that at nine in the morning on Thursday, a fight occurred, and the police arrived to try to control it, but they could not, pointing out that this quarrel came after an earlier fight occurred days ago from the main problem on Thursday.

At approximately 11:30 on Thursday, fighting broke out between members of the two families. A number of grenades were fired and a number of grenades were fired. Mohammed Abu Sahloul was seriously injured. For treatment. Medical sources in the hospital announced the death of Abu Sahloul the same evening from his injuries, while a Palestinian police force went to the scene, arrested a number of suspects, and opened an investigation into the incident.

PCHR expressed its regret for the continued loss of victims of internal violence, warning at the same time against negligence with these practices because of its negative effects on the whole society and threaten its security and safety, so that citizens pay their lives for them.

The Center reiterated its principled positions that extreme measures should be taken to limit the spread of the law-taking phenomenon and the application of the rule of law.

Al Mezan called on the Public Prosecution Office to investigate the incident and other similar incidents, to take the necessary legal action, and to activate procedures and measures aimed at preventing the proliferation and misuse of small arms, restricting their use only to law enforcement officials and in its enforcement, and stresses the need to enforce the law against violators.


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