UNRWA official: Agency´s political situation frightening

An UNRWA official warned of the seriousness of the IAEA's political situation, calling it "frightening."

"The political situation that you are going through is The agency is more scary than the financial crisis it has been experiencing for years, considering that the situation in the Gaza Strip is boiling and could explode at any moment.

Shamli stressed the need for a just and comprehensive solution to the Palestinian refugee issue 70 years after the IAEA began operating, stressing that the world body will continue its work until such a solution is found.

He noted that countries continue to support the renewal of UNRWA's mandate during the UN General Assembly meetings scheduled for mid-November, despite U.S. statements questioning their neutrality and impartiality.

Shamli predicted that the decision to authorize the agency would be taken at the beginning of December, stressing that no file related to the mandate of UNRWA was put forward by the UN General Assembly member states.

He said the agency continues to suffer from a financial gap of $120 million, including $30 million related to the food aid program provided only to the Gaza Strip, warning that aid will be halted by the end of the year due to lack of funds.

Shamli said that not covering the fiscal deficit could make a new batch of food aid "hazy," calling on the international community to cover the deficit to ensure that the agency continues to provide its services, particularly food.

"The situation in Gaza is boiling down despite the relative calm," he said.

He warned of a sudden explosion of the situation due to the high unemployment rates among young people and families dependent on food aid and the absence of a safe future vision, pointing out that 30% of the patients of the agency's clinics in Gaza complain of psychological pressures and frustration in light of the continuing siege.

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