Japan is experimenting with an elevator to space!

Tokyo _ Agencies

A team of scientists and engineers at the Japanese University of Shizuoka has devised a miniature model of a space elevator that will be able to move small loads of land into space, up to a distance of 96,000 kilometers.

The Daily Mail newspaper reported that the final tests of the space elevator will be held before the end of September. The elevator model is 6 centimetres wide and 3 centimeters high.

The Japan Space Agency, the space lift model, will launch the orbit by means of a "Н-2 в" Rocket from Tanigashima Island. Scientists will experiment with the work and movement of the miniature model of the space elevator by a 10-metre-long cable, stretching between two small satellites.

Through this experiment, scientists seek to monitor the physical properties of materials, and to ensure that the elevator can move between the ends of the wire without problems and without additional energy.

If the experiment succeeds, the Japanese will build elevators capable of delivering astronauts and tourism to Earth orbit and vice versa.

Scientists believe that using this technique will facilitate the movement of people and goods into orbit and completely abandon the launch of space rockets.


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