A woman received her baby with a toilet at the maternity hospital

Beijing _ Agencies

According to Global press reports, a woman from China was surreptitiously fleeing, after she tried to get rid of her newborn baby by throwing him into the doom in the toilet pit of the maternity hospital.

According to the Daily Mail, the nurses of the maternity hospital in Tianjin City heard the voice of a baby coming from the toilet, so they went to check it out, and were surprised by a strange scene of Jenin placed in the toilet slot.

The newspaper indicated that the mother wanted to get rid of him by throwing him in the toilet, but the nurses managed to save him after they found him with the placenta in the toilet seat.

The mother of the fetus said that she wanted to get rid of him hidden, because she carried him without formal marriage from a young man who escaped after he knew she was pregnant, and her family did not know that.

Fortunately, the foetus was not seriously damaged, is now in stable condition and is monitored by hospital doctors, and the mother is still subject to questioning by police officers.

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