Libyan navy rescues 108 migrants west of Tripoli

 A Libyan navy patrol on Monday rescued 108 migrants, including 13 women and seven children, on a rubber boat about 17 miles north of Sabratha, west of Tripoli.

According to a press briefing published Monday evening by the Libyan Naval Information Office, among the migrants were 21 Sudanese, 20 from Gambia, 16 from Côte d'Ivoire, 11 from Syria, 8 Eritreans, 6 Malians and 3 Ethiopians, and from Burkina Faso. Somalia, Ghana, Togo and Guinea, as well as two migrants from Egypt, Cameroon and Liberia, with one Nigerian from Sierra Leone.

The office confirmed the transfer of all migrants to the port of Zawiya refinery and landed at the landing point of the Coast Guard.

Libya is the starting point for illegal immigrants who want to travel to Europe on a perilous journey across the Mediterranean.


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