Palestine ready to cooperate in the face of the fire "Amazon"

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants has contacted the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and the concerned authorities in the Federal Republic of Brazil and the Republic of Bolivia to express the solidarity of the State of Palestine with what is exposed to large areas in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, and the Chiquitania forests in Brazil. Bolivia's massive fires have a significant impact not only on the local environment, but on the global climate.

This came on the instructions of President Mahmoud Abbas and the instructions of Prime Minister Mohammed Ashtiyeh, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants Riyad al-Maliki, according to a Foreign Ministry statement, on Sunday, the readiness of the Palestinian Agency for International Cooperation in coordination with the Civil Defense and the Red Crescent and the Ministry of Health and other concerned Palestinian and international bodies To provide assistance and assistance in accordance with the available possibilities and specialized expertise Maliki said: This is a humanitarian and international duty to support local, regional and international efforts to face fires and this environmental disaster and its devastating impact on the globe.

Al-Maliki added that the ministry and through the embassies of the State of Palestine in Brasilia and La Paz are in constant contact with officials of the two countries in order to move immediately to the State of Palestine team to intervene and respond urgently within the collective responsibility we hold and through our solidarity vision of what has a local impact or cross national borders.


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