Yediot: Israel is worried about the Dolip operation and thwarted five similar attacks

Israeli security sources claimed that five attacks have been thwarted since the beginning of the year, similar to. the Dulib operation that took place yesterday in RamallahThe Yediot Aharonot Hebrew website on Saturday described the operation near the settlement of Dulib, which" killed a settlement and wounded others, as "very disturbing." 

The site pointed to the concern of the residents of settlements in the West Bank, after the IED was planted and.planted by the side of the road as pedestrians.

She pointed out that this type of attacks is very unusual Israeli media reported on Friday that a Jewish settlement was killed by wounds sustained in an explosion near .the Dulib settlement in the central West Bank .

Maariv newspaper said that the settlement died of serious wounds sustained, while other settlers were injured

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