A simple solution to the difficulty of deleting photos from iPhone

IPhone users don't usually have much difficulty when they want to delete photos from their device.

According to the site "shefinds", the difficulty encountered by the user at times, can be easily resolved, but by following specific steps.

The reason for this difficulty in deleting photos from the iPhone, sometimes, is that the images are linked to the application "iTunes". When the images of the iPhone phone transferred to this platform, the deletion is not possible in the usual way.

To delete these images from iTunes, the user has to take 5 steps.

In the second stage, the user has to click on the "iPhone" in the application, and then, to go to the corner of the images, then he will be able to delete the images that he no longer wants to retain. "And" iTunes ", and then make sure you have actually deleted the photos from your device.


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