Haaretz: This is the army´s plan to fight in Gaza

The fighting plan for dealing with Gaza aims to inflict severe damage on Hamas and allow it to continue governing, even if it is weakened, the Haaretz newspaper reported on Thursday.

According to the newspaper, the next battle will depend on the speed of implementation and the achievement of deterrence in a short time, compared to previous operations. She pointed out that the army conducted a comprehensive training for a possible confrontation in Gaza, with the participation of a wide range of units and different brigades and even reserve forces and air and naval forces.

She noted that the exercises took into account the possibility that the sector would be a second front during any war on the northern border, which causes another threat is the air defense systems that may be available only on one front because of the threat of Hezbollah rockets.

The exercises also included how to deal with the small planes used by Hamas and the army's ability to hit rocket launching squads.


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