Shaked slams Netanyahu after talks with Peretz

 The leader of the new right-wing party, Elit Shaked, blew up a blow to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday after reaching a preliminary agreement with Jewish party leader Rafi Peretz, one.

A few days after Peretz refused to meet with Shakid, a meeting between the two parties' leadership was held last night and lasted until the early hours of the morning. Initial and preliminary agreement was reached on their partnership.

The seventh channel, the Hebrew channel, said the meeting was good, but no final agreement has been reached yet, and the discussions will resume this morning.

It is expected that today an agreement will be reached between the two parties, amid the odds that Peretz agreed to be Shakid leader of the list and the number one. Netanyahu tried to prevent him from holding meetings with Peretz. Sarah intervened with Peretz's wife to prevent him from doing so.

Israeli parties must submit their lists on August 1, amid large meetings and meetings between different parties to enter into alliances.

According to Haaretz, Shakid's success in reaching an agreement with Peretz would be a slap to Netanyahu, who preferred the whims of his wife, who incited him against Shakid over his party's interests, especially since he was able to include his former ally in the Likud Party and place it in the top ten even without a promise By appointing a minister.

The newspaper said that Netanyahu was affected by his passion and revenge, but Shaked and her ally Naftali Bennett returned strongly and may strike Netanyahu in the elections.


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