Chongqing launches fifth-generation self-pilot pilot zone

Chongqing, southwest China, will launch a pilot zone for self-leadership based on fifth-generation communication technology in late August, said the China Center for Independent Research and Technology, one of the founders of the region.

The pilot zone, equipped with Tier 4 self-driving capabilities, includes a closed test area covering more than 470,000 square meters and allows for six application scenarios, including pre-warning of critical traffic conditions, high-resolution map downloads, fifth-generation direct transmission and remote control Of vehicles.

The research center and the Chongqing Branch of China Telecom and DT Mobile began to cooperate in fields related to fifth-generation technology earlier this year.

The five-generation remote control applications of cars and the vehicle-related intelligent road tests have been launched in the region since May.

Liang Feng Hua from Chang'an, based in Chongqing, said Chang'an Automotive would launch its own level 4 self-driving tests after opening.

China allowed local governments to arrange road tests for smart cars connected to the Internet in April 2018. An increasing number of cities, including Beijing, Shanghai and Chongqing, issued license plates for smart vehicles related to road tests.


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