Huawei denies reports of "smart phones"

China's Huawei denied media reports that the company reduced the production of smart phones, amid the Sino-US trade war Huawei found itself in the middle.

The South China Morning Post was the first to report that Foxconn, the Taiwanese electronics manufacturer for many smartphones, including Apple, had suspended several production lines for Huawei phones.

The newspaper quoted unnamed people as saying that Shenzhen also cut orders on new phones from Huawei, and it was not clear whether the cut was temporary or permanent.

"Huawei refuses these allegations, and our global production levels are normal, with no significant adjustments in either direction," a Huawei official said in remarks quoted by Forbes newspaper.

The United States has listed China's Huawei as a black list that prevents US companies from providing it with computer chips, software and other components without government approval.

Beijing responded by charging US $ 60 billion in customs duties on US products and entered into force last Saturday, announcing that it would establish its own list of "unreliable entities" consisting of foreign companies and foreign individuals.

Huawei maintained its lead in smart phone sales in the first quarter of this year, beating Apple, but it is likely to have difficulties maintaining this progress for the rest of the year.

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