Cabnet issues instructions on the situation in Gaza now

The mini-ministerial Council for political and security affairs, the "Capent", issued an instruction to the Israeli army on the situation in Gaza on Sunday evening.

Israeli media confirmed that the "captain" instructed the army to continue and intensify the strikes directed to the Gaza Strip, and to increase the number of troops in the vicinity of the sector, during interviews held by the "capent" and continues on the repercussions of the escalating situation in the Gaza Strip.

A security source said that at the beginning of his session, the "Captain" supported the deterioration of security conditions in the Gaza Strip, the strikes on the sector and the increase in the number of troops deployed in the vicinity of the sector.

In light of this, Israeli occupying forces assassinated a Palestinian named Hamid Ahmed al-Khodari, 34, for targeting his car in eastern Gaza.

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