Haaretz: Netanyahu´s partners are exploiting his legal status to extort him

Benjamin Netanyahu's allies in charge of forming a new government are using his legal status in corruption-related cases to blackmail him by trying to impose conditions on him to take part in the government coalition, the Hebrew daily Ha'aretz reported Friday.

Unlike Ariel Sharon in the 2003 elections, which took place after the elections with right-wing and left-wing parties and even Arab ones, Netanyahu ignored everyone and kept his consultations confined only to the right-wing parties of his former and new allies who are constantly seeking to blackmail him.

"In the future, his partners would not have dared to run crazy, ridiculous and unreasonable demands if they did not realize he was a captive client," the paper said. Pointing out that these parties are beating on his liver and he is carrying for the sake of salvation from any other options such as the unity government or waving new elections may fall, and wants them to obtain immunity in front of the files that follow him.

Yisrael Beiteinu, led by Avigdor Lieberman, demands the army's portfolio and demands for security, politics and internal affairs, while Moshe Kahlon, the leader of all of the parties, insists on taking over the Finance Ministry, while Netanyahu is trying to persuade him to become a foreign minister. While the right-wing parties are demanding the Ministries of Justice and Education, as well as appointing a number of its members as deputy ministers of the army, religious affairs, settlement and others, as well as political demands related to preventing the establishment of a Palestinian state or dividing Jerusalem.

Shas religious parties demand a number of ministerial portfolios, including internal affairs, health and public security, and the maintenance of the law prohibiting the recruitment of religious and other internal issues.

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