Some 40 people have been killed by floods in Indonesia

Floods and landslides triggered by torrential rain have killed nearly 40 people and lost more than 10 people in Indonesia, authorities said Monday.

Mudslides and floods are frequent in Indonesia, a region prone to natural disasters in Southeast Asia, especially during the rainy season from October to April.

The disaster management agency said on Monday that 29 people were killed and at least 13 others were missing in the Bengkulu province on Sumatra island, due to heavy rains that have been landing for several days.

In Lambong County, a landslide also killed a family of six. In Jakarta, floods killed at least two people.

On a parallel line, 12,000 residents of Bengkulu province and 2,000 people have been evacuated in Jakarta. Buildings, bridges and roads were damaged.

Indonesia, home to about 17,000 islands, is one of the world's most disaster-prone countries, on both sides of the Pacific Ring of Fire where tectonic plates collide.

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