Carlos Ghosn´s detention renewed in Tokyo until April 22

The detention of Carlos Ghosn will continue until the 22nd of this year, after a request by the public prosecutor to extend the detention of the former president of Nissan Motor Co. on charges of financial mismanagement, a Japanese court said Friday.

Ghosn, who once headed Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi, was arrested again on April 4, less than a month after he was released on bail.

The news agency Bloomberg reported that authorities asked Ghosn on new charges that he had transferred millions of dollars from the Japanese auto company for personal use.

Ghosn's long prison term would make it difficult for him to prepare for trial in several respects, as well as refocus international attention on the work of the Japanese criminal justice system.

Guinan's lawyer, Junichiro Hironaka, released a videotape on April 9 that showed a thinner, more flimsy branch, and said he was the victim of a dirty plot orchestrated by executives in April.

In Japan, the arrest of a person can be put in prison for months at the same time. The first detention of Ghosn lasted for 108 days, while the prosecution filed a series of charges against him.

Renault said earlier this month that Ghosn made suspicious payments to distributors in the Middle East and to a lawyer from abroad, which caused the latest arrest, according to his lawyer.

Hironaka said the prosecution took Ghosn's phone, his notebook and the rest of the evidence in his possession, as well as his wife's telephone and passport.

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