"Health of Gaza" warns of running out of essential medicines for kidney patients

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza has warned against the depletion of medicines for renal disease, noting that more than 1,000 patients have become threatened.

"The drug stocks of immunosuppressants for renal transplantation and essential drugs for dialysis are running out and not enough for more than a month," the Health Ministry statement quoted the director of the hospital pharmacy department, Alaa Helis, as saying.

He stressed that the entry of drugs, means the cessation of service, which is a danger to more than a thousand patients.

He reported that about 333 patients who were kidney transplant and 816 kidney failure patients are in dire need of these drugs because they are based on regular treatment protocols and any defect or waiting may return the patient to blood washing operations, especially kidney transplant.

Hilles said that 816 renal failure patients require 8835 washings per month, which requires the availability of erythropoietin mainly and permanently in the washing process without it can not be at all and no alternatives are available.

The official in the Ministry of Health, that the supply of medicines to the stores of the Ministry of Health from the health of Ramallah since the beginning of this year.

Hospitals in the Gaza Strip and health centers suffer from severe shortage of specialized drugs, medical consumables, laboratory tests, and diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, while the Israeli occupation has prevented or prevented their travel to complete treatment.

The Palestinian Authority in Ramallah has taken a number of punitive measures against the Gaza Strip, including cuts in electricity subsidies, cutting salaries, and restricting the delivery of medicines to the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli occupation imposed a strict siege on the Gaza Strip for 13 years. All crossings and border crossings connecting Gaza with the outside world are closed through Egypt or the occupied Palestinian territories in 1948, except for the partial opening of some goods and passengers.

And the impact of the imposed imposed on the Gaza Strip, the health situation of the sector, which led to the decline of the health system in the absence of medicine, and the entry of electricity and fuel crisis on the health sector seriously.

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