Gaza: 273 martyrs and over 15,000 injured since the start of the return march

Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights said the toll of Israeli violations in the Gaza Strip since the start of the return March reached 273 martyrs and and more than 15,000 casually.

The center explained in a press release that received the "Palestine News Network" Copy of it, that among the martyrs of the 11 victims of the occupation forces still denied them to the moment including three children.

Statement text:

Israeli occupation forces killed two Palestinians and predicted (189) injuries on Friday (51) for the return marches

Israeli occupying forces continue to target civilians involved in peaceful marchs along the fence separating the eastern Gaza Strip from Jamha, 51 respectively, and use excessive and lethal force in dealing with children, women and young people participating in the rallies. It also targeted medical personnel and journalists, killing two Palestinians, injuring 189 citizens, including 51 children, 7 women, 4 journalists and a medic. Among the injured were 100 wounded with live bullets, And (63) were directly hit by gas bombs. Medical sources in the Palestinian Ministry of Health also described the case of two seriously injured.

According to the documentation of Al Mezan Center for Human Rights, the number of victims of Israeli violations in the Gaza Strip since the beginning of the Al-Aqsa Marches on 30/03/2018, and until the time of issuing the statement, 273 martyrs , including 11 martyrs, (3) children, including 196 killed during their participation in the return marches, including (41) children, two women, and (8) with disabilities, and (3) paramedics, and two journalists. Of the injured, 7,771 were wounded with live bullets, including (1476) children, 158) Lady.

According to PCHR's monitoring and documentation, Israeli occupation forces positioned at the separation fence in the eastern Gaza Strip opened fire at approximately 15:30 on Friday, 22 March, using live ammunition and coated metal bullets Rubber bullets and tear gas canisters towards participants in the return marchs along the fence.

The Israeli occupation forces used excessive and lethal force to kill Nidal 'Abdul Karim Ahmed Shatat, 29, from al-Mughraqa area. He was wounded by a live bullet in the chest (at the entrance to the left), while he was taking part in the march back east of al-Bureij refugee camp, east of the central government. He was about 50 meters away from the eastern fence, and the hospital was a dead body.

At approximately 17:35, medical sources at the Dar al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City reported that Jihad Munir Khaled Harara, 23, from al-Sabra neighborhood, was killed by a bullet wound at around 16:40 The same day, he was wounded by a live bullet in the head fired by the Israeli occupation forces during his participation in the return march east of Gaza.

The Israeli occupation forces continued to target journalists and medical personnel. The volunteer medic of the Palestinian Red Crescent Society, Yousef Ra'ed Yousef Abu Bayad, 22, was wounded in the right hand by a gas grenade while he was working to transport the wounded in the northern Gaza Strip. The Israeli occupation forces also targeted an ambulance belonging to the Palestinian Ministry of Health gas bombs east of Gaza City, in addition to targeting the perimeter of the field hospital east of the camp Boreij gas bombs.

Al-Aqsa TV correspondent Isma'il Farid Mohammed Abu Omar, 35, was hit by a tear gas canister directly in his left leg while covering the events of the return marchs east of Khan Younis province and the freelance photojournalist Mohammed Isma'il Abdullah al -Athamna, 20, (29 years), was wounded by shrapnel from a live bullet in the left hand. Al-Israa correspondent Hashim Hisham Jasser al-Sa'udi, 29, was wounded by a bullet bullet in the left leg. ), Was wounded by a live bullet in both legs, both of what were injured while covering accidents  Rat return east of the northern Gaza Strip.

Al Mezan Center for Human Rights reiterates its conviction of the targeting of participants in peaceful return marchs, especially children, and the reiterated targeting of medical personnel and journalists, despite the clarity of their distinctive emoticons. It reiterates its condemnation and denunciation of the conduct of the Israeli occupation forces and unfortunately hards civilians without regard to the rules and principles of international law. Of human rights.

Al Mezan welcomes the adoption by the Human Rights Council of the report of the Fact-Finding Commission on the conclusion of its investigations into the peaceful return marchs and its recommendations, and thanking those countries that have expressed respect for the values ​​and principles of international justice and human rights. The occupying forces to proceed with their violations.

Therefore, Al Mezan calls upon the international community to act urgently to stop the grave and systematic violations committed by the Israeli occupation forces and to work towards the implementation of the recommendations of the Committee's report, especially as they referred to the recommendations of the previous committees . Of human rights and gross and systematic violations of the rules of international humanitarian law that amount to the level of war crimes.


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