The boycott movement holds its sixth national conference and launches the Anti-Apartheid Week

 All attempts by the United States and the Israeli occupation to prevent the success of the BDS have failed and will fail on the basis of the collective will of our people and the world's free will, said PLO Executive Committee member Wasil Abu Yousef.

"The struggle is based on the resolutions of international legitimacy and international law that guarantee the rights of our people to the return of refugees, the right to self-determination and the establishment of a Palestinian state," Abu Yousef said during the speech of the PLO and the National and Islamic Forces at the opening of the 6th National Congress of the BDS Movement in Al-Bireh. Independent and sovereign with Jerusalem as its capital.

He pointed out that this constituted the constants of the PLO, the legitimate and sole representative of our people, which offered hundreds of thousands of martyrs, wounded and prisoners to achieve them, and that these constants will not affect the so-called deal of the American Century or the occupation, because our people based on the justice of his case and These enormous sacrifices and the steadfastness that our people embody on the ground in the face of all policies of Israeli arrogance in imposing facts.

Participating in the conference entitled "More boycott and anti-normalization to resist and isolate the Israeli colonial and racist regime", members of the Executive Committee of the PLO, secretaries, leaders and representatives of the national action factions, and a number of academics and intellectuals and activists of the boycott movement from various provinces and foreign solidarity.

Abu Yusuf praised the activists of the boycott movement in Palestine and the world "who have set successes in the context of boycotting the occupation and imposing sanctions on it and withdrawing investments from it." He pointed to the achievements achieved internationally from the province of occupation academically, culturally and economically to undermine it and not continue.

And called for the dissemination and dissemination of the culture of boycotting the occupation and reject any possibility of normalization with him, pointing out that the movement of the province is a key factor in the continuation of our popular resistance on the ground.

He pointed out that the PLO has taken a number of decisions that must be implemented, whether to get rid of the security and economic agreements with the occupation and even the political, and to withdraw the recognition of this occupation, which does not recognize all the rights of our people, stressing that we need a policy facing the arrogance of occupation that besieges our people and tries to impose And said that our people will not tolerate any harm to their martyrs and prisoners who gave their most precious assets for the sake of freedom and independence and formed a role model in the context of resisting and confronting the occupation.

Abu Yusuf stressed the need to arrange the internal house by ending the division and restoring national unity. "The time has come not to gamble on trying to perpetuate this division and give the opportunity to the enemies of our people to think about trying to pass the so-called state of Gaza and erase the possibility of establishing an independent Palestinian state in accordance with the resolutions of international legitimacy," he said.

He stressed that our people in the Gaza Strip steadfast in the face of the Israeli siege deserves everyone to rise to the level of ending the division, through the implementation of what was signed, especially in the Cairo 2017 agreement, pointing out that the Palestinian people are rising in the Gaza Strip in a clear message against the continuation and , Stressing the importance of moving forward with the implementation of what could constitute a single geographical and political unity of occupied Palestine, which needs to be free and independent.

"Our people, who are rising today in the Gaza Strip in the face of a policy of repression and oppression by Hamas militias, reaffirms that they will move forward towards raising the banner of Palestine with a high bluff in order to end the division and restore Palestinian unity," Abu Yusuf said.

He pointed out that the conference is taking place in the face of challenges and great risks at the level of the national project, both the American position hostile to our people and its rights and attempts to pass the so-called deal of the century aimed at liquidating our cause, and continue the aggression of the occupation and crimes against our people and expand colonial settlement and targeting the Al-Aqsa Mosque and Islamic and Christian sanctities It is devoted to apartheid and attempts to demarcate a policy of transfer for our people when it speaks of the right of self-determination of Jews only, and destroys all our people the owners of this land and history.

"There is no doubt that these aggressive policies, American criminality and occupation demand how to develop a strategy and implement it to protect the Palestinian national project. It is unacceptable that the Palestinian people remain exposed to all these crimes and the whole world is looking at the importance of prosecuting this occupation for its crimes."

For his part, in the speech of the Secretariat of the National Committee of the province, Mohammed Abushi salute the name of the Committee for all the militants of the movement of the province, especially young people who lead the campaigns of local boycott throughout the country, and thousands of solidarity activists and the movement of boycotting all over the globe, for their wonderful activity To consolidate the boycott and to escalate the solidarity movement with our people in its struggle and withdrawal of investments from the occupation state and colonial settlement and apartheid system established by this occupation.

The Palestinian National Committee for the Boycott of Israel is the widest coalition in the Palestinian society that includes all the Palestinian political spectrum, trade union and popular, led by the international boycott movement BDS, which sets its standards and coordinates with partners and allies around the world in Boycotting or withdrawing investments.

He stressed that the boycott movement based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights rejects all forms of racism, including racism against Jews, distinguishing between Judaism and Zionism. He pointed out that the local and international boycott movement has become a key element of the alternative national strategy for our Palestinian people to change the balance of power And to achieve the goals of our people freedom and return and independence, and has become an effective form and influential forms of Palestinian popular resistance, which embodies the struggle of our people in all fields.

He pointed out that the boycott movement inflicted considerable losses on the occupiers and the occupation companies and colonies estimated billions of dollars annually, and there are important indicators to increase the economic impact of the movement.

Aboushi said: "During the past years, dozens of local authorities in Spain announced that they are areas free of apartheid Israel, and announced several municipal councils in France, Norway and Britain boycotted the products of the Israeli colonies, and withdrew large companies from all projects in the occupation state, and escalated the isolation of Israel culturally and academically.

He called for adherence to the decisions of the PLO, the legitimate and sole representative of our people, and to adopt the comprehensive approach and movement of the boycott in accordance with the decisions of the National Council and the Central Councils.

Aboushi pointed out that Israel has adopted a strategy to fight the BDS after its failure to fight it popularly and allocated its global pressure groups huge financial resources amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars a year and employed its intelligence agencies and its media, and the Ministry of Strategic Affairs as a whole and important teams from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a desperate attempt to hit the boycott movement, In recent years, BDS has succeeded in gaining support for the right to boycott from the European Union, the governments of Sweden, Ireland, the Netherlands, the Parliament of Switzerland and Spain, Amnesty International, the International Socialist Party, hundreds of parties, trade unions and organizations. Civil society in Europe.

He added: "The boycott movement has become a strong weapon in the face of attempts and serious normalization projects on the Palestinian, Arab and international levels, which is a more serious normalization when it is accompanied by a deal of the century that aims to liquidate all the components of the Palestinian cause, including our legitimate right to Jerusalem as the capital of our people and the right of refugees to return to their homes. And the right of the Palestinians to self-determination freely and with dignity, including their right to establish their own free and sovereign State with Jerusalem as its capital. "

South Africa's President, Palika Mbaiti, said in a recorded speech that South Africa supports the Palestinian struggle and solidarity with it, pointing to South African President Cyril Ramavoza's decision to reduce the diplomatic representation of her embassy in Israel.

She pointed out that her country supports the boycott movement and stands by the Palestinian people in their struggle for self-determination, wishing the conference success and exit mechanisms to expand the boycott movement in the world and undermine the Israeli Apartheid regime.

The conference discussed the prospects and challenges of spreading the culture of boycotting and combating normalization locally and in Arab countries, through workshops attended by sectors of teachers, women, youth and workers, and discussed the development of its role in the boycott and against normalization.

The conference included a workshop on policies and procedures that serve to spread the culture of the province, a workshop to discuss ways of combating normalization and local specific standards, and a workshop on geographical areas that discussed the trends of individual regions and unified campaigns.

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