Hamid and Ruwaidi discuss the establishment of an Islamic Christian center in Bethlehem

The representative of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in the State of Palestine, Ambassador Ahmed al-Ruwaydi, discussed with the Governor of Bethlehem Kamel Hamid the cooperation in a number of projects to improve the status of the governorate and the establishment of an Islamic-Christian Center for Research and Religious Studies in Bethlehem. The city of Bethlehem, being the gateway to Palestine of the world and its special place in the reception of religious tourism.

He expressed his support for the idea of ​​establishing the Center as a platform for an Islamic-Christian voice directed to the world in the name of Palestine. And stressed his keenness to follow up this issue with the donors of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

Al-Ruwaidi summarized the work of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and its support for the positions of the Palestinian leadership and its procedures in support of the right of the Palestinian people to establish their independent state with Jerusalem as its capital.


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