Hayek: The economy in Gaza has reached the point of bankruptcy

 The head of the Palestinian Businessmen Association in the Gaza Strip, Ali Al-Hayek, warned on Monday that growth indicators in the Gaza Strip have stopped completely and the economy has reached bankruptcy in the wake of deepening humanitarian crises.

Al Hayek said in a press statement that the continuation of the daily losses of economic sectors will reveal in the coming days of inflation in crises, which is the most serious and cruel since the beginning of the division and the Israeli siege.

He pointed out that these crises are the high rates of unemployment, poverty and food insecurity, which are based mainly on the activity of factories and economic establishments, and trade in the markets.

"The next disaster lies in the serious shift in the structure and structure of the economy from the productive industrial side of employment to its consumer trade counterpart, which strengthens the behavior and pattern of consumption and destroys attempts to eliminate the crises spread in the sector."

He stressed that Gaza needs to re-energize efforts to revive the economic sectors through reconciliation, especially as the lack of political and economic consensus between the Palestinian parties has further reduced the chances of the economy in Gaza rising to the highest level.


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