UNRWA: US $138 million needed to maintain our services in the West Bank and Gaza

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The UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) has asserted that it needs 138 million dollars from its budget for the current year to provide services in the West Bank and Gaza Strip as it was in 2018.

"This amount is part of an urgent appeal launched by the Commissioner-General of UNRWA two days ago to support its budget to maintain its services as it was in 2018," said Gwen Lewis, director of UNRWA operations in the West Bank, in a statement at a press conference in the city of Ramallah this afternoon. The agency needs a billion and 200 million for its budget to deliver its services to the fullest this year in its five regions of operation. "

She stressed that the year 2018 saw an unprecedented challenge after the deduction of 360 dollars from the UNRWA budget, and two days ago the Commissioner-General of the relief agency launched an emergency distress call for the occupied territories and UNRWA operations in Syria, where UNRWA needs to support its budget this year by $1 billion and $200 million To maintain its service delivery.

"The more the blockade of the Gaza Strip is, the greater the number of people seeking services from UNRWA and humanitarian assistance," said Mathias Shamali, director of UNRWA operations in Gaza.

With regard to the deduction of the United States of America from the deduction of its share of aid to UNRWA, Al-Shamali revealed in his speech to  "jerusalem " dot com, about attempts by American civil society to pressure the U.S. government to prevent the continuation of the resolution, and his impact, and said: "We are ready for dialogue if you ask US government that  ".

"UNRWA suffered in 2018 from an existential crisis because of attempts to dry up its support, but the agency was able to overcome its crisis with unprecedented support," said Sami Mashasha, spokesperson for UNRWA, noting that UNRWA had a major challenge to support its budget and was addressing all Parties to provide this amount.

According to Masasha, UNRWA needs $750 million to support its work and provide basic services to 5.5 million refugees in its five areas of operation, although the amount is not very well-tailored, stressing that the agency's work must continue until a political solution is found.

With regard to Israeli attempts to close down UNRWA headquarters there, Mashasham said:  "The media leaks are part of a serious attempt to end and weaken the agency in Jerusalem, and we are concerned that there have been attempts in the old town and the Shu'fat camp but have failed."

The agency has been providing services in Jerusalem since 1967, and the agency's presence is linked to an international resolution, not from the Israeli side, he said.

Meanwhile, North spoke at the press conference that during his work in humanitarian work 25 years ago, for the first time he dealt with a crisis caused by political complications.

"The closure in Gaza enters the 13th year and Gaza has reached the worst conditions and humanitarian crises, and we are trying to address them, within two objectives, addressing the issues of poverty and unemployment by providing opportunities for money for work and catering, as well as the need to provide urgent health services," said Shamali. He stressed that the needs of humanitarian issues did not obviate the need for a political solution and the non-politicization of humanitarian action.

An appeal on behalf of the United Nations and the relief agency to the Palestinian leadership in the West Bank called for overcoming their differences, as they profoundly affect the population in the Gaza Strip and said:  "Let us not support humanitarian action, let us provide humanitarian services to those who need it, and call for differences Political to their people until they reach solutions. "


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