Occupation suppresses Gaza marches: 43 injured, targeted for ambulances

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

At least eight people were injured by live bullets and more than 15 asphyxiation by gas canisters during the crackdown on weekly return marches in eastern Gaza on Friday, which continued for the forty-third week.

According to our correspondent, cameraman Mohammed Abu-Qadous was hit by a gas canister in the foot, targeting an ambulance and wounding several paramedics in the east of the Gaza Strip.

The High Commission for the return marches, the launch of the name of the "siege conspiracy crime will not pass", decided on the next Friday of return marches.

Israeli occupation soldiers opened fire at demonstrators in the east of Gaza City, al-Bureij refugee camp in the middle of the strip and Jabaliya in the north, wounding two citizens with gunshot wounds to their feet and a third with a gas grenade in his eye and dozens of suffocation.

A reporter from the Hebrew site, "or", said several attempts were made to cut the fence and infiltrate the border, and the army responded by firing. An explosion was heard at the Gaza border as a result of an explosive device being thrown at soldiers near the Karni crossing, without any casualties.

According to Israeli estimates, 12,000 protesters were on the border in eastern Gaza City on Monday.

Later, the Ministry of Health in Gaza announced that the total number of casualties during the clashes on Friday had risen to 43, noting that 30 citizens were asibwa by the occupation forces, while three ambulances were targeted (2 for Red Crescent and 1 for medical relief) and 3 medics and 2 journalists were injured Different.


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