The story of Yanshi Palace most searched on Google for 2018

The most searched TV series on Google this year comes from China, the country where this search engine is banned, according to a recent report.


The Yanshi Palace Story was a great success in the service of iQiyi, China's "Netflix" live broadcast service, which has been broadcast more than 15 billion times.


The TV drama about Wei Yingluo, an 18th-century maidservant who works at Emperor Qianlong's palace, investigates the death of her sister.


Google's data show that the show is very common in places such as Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and Hong Kong, and in China, where access to Google is limited by censorship, prompting the Chinese to use the country's Baidu replacement engine.


Part of the success of the "Yanshi Palace Story" on the Internet can be attributed to the government's non-interference in the story, as episodes circulating across Internet platforms face less censorship than those broadcast via traditional television channels.



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