(video) Angry Turkey attacks a child while he is back from school!

Eyewitness photos in Wisconsin are a unique manhunt, in which a school pupil tries to get rid of a turkey stalker.

According to the site "Abc", the pupil was attacked by a Turkey during his return from school. The strange bird did not retreat from chasing him until a car that cut the road approached him and prevented him from attacking the child.

It turned out that the driver, a local resident of the area, Vanessa Mirmontes, who decided to help the child, but the rooster did not leave, and returned after the child until another car arrived and the driver connected the pupil to his house, and beside him the attack of the Stranger Rooster.

Mirmontes commented on the delivery of a child's driver:  "Of course you can't ride a car with a stranger, but circumstances change if you have a crazy turkey."

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