An embarrassing position for a deputy in Congress .. The reason for "iPhone"

A US congressman was embarrassed by camera lenses and fellow lawmakers after Google's chief executive told him his company was not producing iPhones.

In a hearing for the House Judiciary Committee, Republican Rep. Steve King told Google CEO Sander Bechai to make an "indirect" complaint about iPhone. "I have a 7-year-old granddaughter who used her phone to play a game, , To suddenly appear a picture (pop up) of her grandfather. "

"I will not say what kind of language is associated with her grandfather's image," she said. "But I want to ask, how can this show a 7-year-old baby playing a game for children?"

"The congressman, for iPhone, is another company," he said.

To minimize the embarrassment, King replied: "It could have been an Android phone."

After Pichai failed to convince the MP that the phone was made by an Apple company and that an explanation of this would require further study, he said: "I would be happy to follow the subject when I understand the details."

King is often criticized for his policies, especially since he has already launched anti-immigration comments, which many analysts have described as racist.



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