Amnesty International calls on the occupation authorities to dismantle the apartheid regime

Amnesty International called on the Israeli occupation authorities to dismantle the apartheid regime that causes so much suffering and bloodshed.

In a statement issued today, Wednesday, the organization stated that since it launched a major campaign against the apartheid regime one year ago, Israeli forces have killed approximately 220 Palestinians, including 35 in January 2023.

It noted that unlawful killings help maintain the Israeli apartheid regime and constitute crimes against humanity, as do other grave and ongoing violations committed by the Israeli authorities, such as administrative detention and forced transfer.

She said: “Over the past few days, a series of deadly attacks has highlighted the urgent need for accountability. On January 26, Israeli forces launched a raid in the Jenin refugee camp, killing 10 Palestinians, including a 61-year-old woman.

The heartbreaking events of the past week have revealed, once again, the deadly cost of the apartheid regime. Unleashing the isolation, division, control and oppression of the Palestinians on a daily basis, and helps perpetuate deadly violence.”

She added, "Israel has long tried to silence those who conclude that it is committing the crimes of apartheid through targeted smear campaigns, while the international community acquiesces to the intimidation caused by these methods, and until the apartheid regime is dismantled, there is no hope of protecting civilian lives.” There is no hope for justice for the bereaved families.”

In its statement, the organization pointed out that under the apartheid regime, the Israeli authorities control virtually every aspect of the lives of Palestinians, subjecting them to oppression and unfair discrimination on a daily basis through the fragmentation of regions and legal segregation, as Palestinians in the occupied Palestinian territories are isolated in separate enclaves. , with those living in the Gaza Strip cut off from the rest of the world by Israel's illegal blockade, which has caused a humanitarian crisis, a form of collective punishment.

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