"YouTube" introduces a new feature that interests you.. Get to know it

YouTube announced its intention to add the audio commentary feature to short videos on its updated application, “Shorts,” and through the feature, the user can add a comment on top of the videos recorded by him with ease and ease, a feature that “ Tik Tok” provided to its users about Two full years.

For example, if your video is about cooking, you can include audio cooking lessons. Or give feedback on funny videos or something about your morning routine.

As for what is behind YouTube's launch of this new feature, Fadi Ramzy, a digital media expert and lecturer at the American University in Cairo, says that it came as an attempt by YouTube to reproduce the most important features offered by its arch rival and leader in the throne of short videos with a huge user base "Tiktok".

Ramzy, in his speech to "Sky News Arabia", goes back a little to that moment when "YouTube" announced the launch of the "Shorts" application, as an attempt to "reduce the dominance of "Tik Tok" on the throne of short videos, and attract a number of its users to it."

Ramzy continues, "Like Instagram recently in cloning the features of Tik Tok, YouTube seeks to attract more users to its Shorts service, by imitating the basic features of Tik Tok."

Ramzy explains, “Competitors in the technology market clone the successful experiences created by others is a feature of all social media applications to maintain their user base, attracting more of them to it, and thus maximize profits.”

Despite the popularity of "Tiktok", it has established a reliance on providing new features on a regular basis, but it does not support the creation of money for creators, "YouTube", which is distinguished from all its competitors, by sharing advertising profit with the creators of short videos. .

"YouTube Shorts" are short videos of 60 seconds or less, and the user can share them and get many views and even profit from ads on their short content.

In order to use voiceovers on short videos, after recording a video, click the check mark button at the bottom right of the camera screen, after that press the voiceover button and select the place where you want to start the voiceover, then press Record and then adjust the volume Then share the video with others. The user can also undo and redo recordings for easier editing.

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