The youth of the Gaza Strip have no hope or future

Youth issues in Palestine occupy the central front as they represent the greatest concern for about one-fifth of Palestinian society, where the number of young people in the Palestinian structural map is about one and a half million young people from the West Bank and Gaza Strip and a very large part Some of them hold high school degrees from universities or intermediate ones from institutes and colleges, but the unemployment rate is still high, especially when we are talking about the reality of young people in the besieged sector.

The number of students who obtained bachelor’s and diploma degrees in Palestine reached a high number, despite this, there is talk of very high unemployment rates among young people, especially in the Gaza Strip, where the percentage reaches more than 67 percent.Reasons imposed by the occupation.

The reason for this situation is related to the reasons imposed by the Israeli occupation with its continuous siege on the Gaza Strip for the sixteenth year in a row. Consequently, job opportunities inside the Palestinian territories seem limited and are limited to the middle class and the elderly, while the youth of Gaza are looking for educational job opportunities with modern specializations that keep pace with technological development in Arab countries. and foreign.

Although the bulk of Gaza’s youth work in unorganized sectors, this is not considered a basis for organizing the lives of young people, leading to marriage and building families. Work here is temporary and is dependent on the local market only, which stands the test of challenge in light of the siege, difficult social environment and complex economic conditions. The most important of them is the inability to build high-level companies and institutions that manage the labor movement in the sector, and therefore the crisis worsens annually and limits the opportunities and aspirations of the Gazan youth to find a job from which to subsist and in which to secure their future.

Statistics for the statistics

The Central Statistics Agency indicates that half of the Palestinian youth in the Gaza Strip are outside the work circles, and therefore this affects the production of the closed market, which is originally limited with weak capabilities. This situation affects the rate of early marriage, which has decreased in recent years due to the inability of a large part of young people to secure the needs and requirements of married life. On the contrary, the percentage of smokers has increased among young men due to the lack of job opportunities and spending most of their free time in cafes and amusement parks.

Statistics indicate that the percentage of users of technology, especially the Internet, among young people in Gaza, is considered high, and therefore they are able to innovate and create job opportunities abroad. Joining an Arab or foreign university abroad.

bleak scene

The situation regarding the future of Gaza’s youth seems bleak in all its forms. Job opportunities and open markets are required equal to the proportion of human resources ready and eager to work. Hence, in light of all the obstacles imposed on the Strip, it can be said that the youth of Gaza are still without hope and without a future because they are without work. Hence the role of international and Arab donors to provide real job opportunities that guarantee the youth of Gaza and its people in general a decent life, and that only comes with a logical and just political and social solution that guarantees all Palestinian rights, the most important of which is lifting the siege, building huge economic cities in the Gaza Strip, opening the crossings wide and establishing a Palestinian port It provides enormous capabilities in front of the labor market, building a Palestinian airport from the Gaza Strip that will launch flights abroad, reducing taxes and customs, especially with regard to trips and scholarships for students to work or study abroad, and providing special projects for women such as sewing and some crafts and pottery.

These just and logical demands and rights will appear as a dead letter for many years to come, because the atmosphere does not at all indicate the imminence of a political breakthrough in light of the “iron fist policy” practiced by Israel on the Gaza Strip, especially against the resistance movements, particularly Hamas and Islamic Jihad, which focus on Achieving great political dimensions, but they realize that the train of time seems difficult, and therefore the next stage must achieve a temporary tactical goal by exploiting all circumstances to build the capacities of young people and provide them with job opportunities towards achieving a decent life for all residents of the Gaza Strip, and then pay attention to other political dimensions whose possibility seems far-reaching Currently, therefore, the people of the Gaza Strip have the right to obtain employment and life opportunities with dignity, despite and under all circumstances.

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