Abu Bakr: The continued Israeli piracy of our people´s money is a disregard for the international community

The head of the Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Affairs Commission, Major General Qadri Abu Bakr , condemned this evening, Sunday, the decision of the so-called Israeli Cabinet for Political and Security Affairs (the cabinet) to deduct 600 million shekels from tax dues collected by the occupying state for the Palestinian Authority. .




Abu Bakr said in a press statement to him, that the continuation of the Israeli piracy of the Palestinian people’s money in this way and in this way is a disregard for the international community, its components and its system, which has become unable to protect its agreements, treaties and charters, and there is no red line left, otherwise the occupation regime will cross it, in an open and flagrant manner.




Abu Bakr clarified that the cabinet deducted this money, which is equal in total to the money transferred by the Palestinian Authority last year to Palestinian prisoners in prisons and detention centers and their families.




Abu Bakr called on the international community to break its silence, to put an end to these opportunistic crimes, and not to leave the leaders of the occupation with this freedom of extremism and exclusivity of the Palestinian people and their families and their families, and no one will be able to remove the militant character of our prisoners, because they are the sons of liberation movements, and they want their kidnapped homeland from this gang.

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