Sentencing a prisoner, extensions and releases

Today, the Israeli military courts sentenced the Jerusalemite boy, Muhammad Samir Abu Al-Hawa, from the town of Al-Tur, to 15 months in prison.

The occupation extended the detention of the young Jerusalemite Amr Abu Khdeir until next Sunday, and the young Jerusalemite Majd Abu Asab until next Thursday, and postponed the decision on the issue of isolating the Jerusalemite prisoner Ahmed Manasra until next June 15.

In addition, the occupation released a number of detainees: the university leader and a member of the secretariat "Jafra" - the student assembly at Tel Aviv University, Ahmed Tawfiq Jabarin, who was arrested last Sunday, the student Ibrahim Khalil from Al-Bainah inside, two weeks after his arrest, and the sick child Amal Nakhleh. From al-Jalazun camp north of Ramallah, and Muhammad Salhab and Abd al-Rahman Omar, Muhyi al-Din Omar and Walid Abdullah Adili from Beta south of Nablus after a 3-month detention.


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