Prisoner Club: The occupation has issued more than 550 administrative orders since the beginning of this year

The Palestinian Prisoner Club confirmed today, Tuesday, that the occupation continues to escalate the crime of administrative detention, as the number of orders issued since the beginning of this year has exceeded more than (550) administrative detention orders, including (240) orders. New, while the rest of the orders were issued against detainees, previous orders were issued against them, and the percentage of orders issued was concentrated in the months of last March and this April. 


The Prisoner Club clarified that the increase in the number of administrative detainees has not been seen since the years of the "popular uprising", specifically since (2016 and 2017), and it is likely that if the occupation continues at the same pace, the number of administrative detainees will reach about 700 detainees until the end of the year, according to the current data. 


In light of the dangerous and escalating indicators, the Prisoner Club confirms that the occupation authorities are trying to undermine any current confrontation situation, especially that part of those who are arrested and transferred to the administrator are young people who have never been subjected to administrative detention, and this percentage is increasing compared to previous periods, so the matter is no longer limited against a large group of former detainees, pointing out that this escalation is an indication of the possibility of detainees heading to carry out more open hunger strikes.  


This escalation comes at a time when the two detainees, Khalil Awawda and Raed Rayan, continue their open hunger strike in refusal of their administrative detention, as Khalil continues his strike for the 55th day, and Raed for the 20th day. A dangerous health condition that worsens over time, as well as detainee Rayan faces a deterioration in his health, and the occupation prisons administration deliberately continues to isolate them in compelling and difficult conditions, as the process of isolating them forms part of the systematic abusive tools that it implements against the strikers, with the aim of putting pressure on them and discouraging them from continuing the strike. . 


In the same context, the administrative detainees continue their boycott of the occupation courts for the 116th consecutive day.

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