Occupation makes sense for 35 Palestinians from the West Bank

The occupation forces arrested 35 citizens from several areas in the West Bank, including 12 freed prisoners of Islamic Jihad, in the town of Al-Silah Al-Harithiya, west of Jenin, on the eve of the occupation’s intention to demolish the homes of 3 prisoners of the movement in Al-Sila After the Supreme Court approved the demolition decision,

Our correspondent in Jenin reported the arrest of the occupation forces, Muntasir Ahmad Jaradat, Adnan Abdel Baset Jaradat, Jamal Jabarin, Muhammad Nabil Zayoud, Khattab Shawahna, Youssef Shawahna, Sheikh Hani Jaradat, Sheikh Khaled Jaradat, Talaat Jaradat, Musa Zayoud, Adam Hourani and Osaid Shalabi, all of whom were from Al-Silah Al-Harithiya, west of Jenin.

In Nablus, our correspondent reported that the occupation forces stormed the village of Zita Jama`in in the south, and arrested the two young men, Youssef Osama Nasser and Mahmoud Al-Hayek.

It also arrested the freed prisoner Abdel Raouf Al-Jaghoub, after raiding his house in the town of Beita, in the south, and the student at An-Najah University, Husam Shtayyeh, from the town of Tal, southwest of Nablus.

From Qalqilya, the editor, Yasser Hammad, was arrested.

Lawyer Abd al-Karim Farah from Hebron, and Salah Abu Warda from al-Fawwar camp in the south, were also arrested.

The occupation soldiers arrested 16 citizens of Husan, west of Bethlehem, and later released them: Musab Zakri Za’oul, Bahaa Adel Hamamra, Adel Hamamra, Muhammad Ismail Za’oul, Laith Muhammad Za’ul, Mazen Zaki Za’ul, Thaer Muhammad Za’ul, Abdullah Ahmad Za’ul and Anas Thaer Za’oul, Ahmed Raed Za’ul, Ahmed Mahmoud Za’ul, Ismail Muhammad Za’ul, Ibrahim Hamamra, Muhammad Ibrahim Hamamra, Muhammad Helmy Hamamra and Noor Muhammad Hamamra.

In this context, the leader of the Islamic Jihad, Sheikh Khader Adnan, denounced the campaign of arrests that targeted the movement's leaders, especially in the north of the occupied West Bank.

In a press statement, he said, "The arrest of the two founding sheikhs of Jihad, Khaled and Hani Jaradat, continues my occupation in targeting our people."

He added, "The occupation's arrest of Sheikh Al-Jaghoub in Beta is a continuation of the revolving door episode after his recent arrest at the authority and his pioneering role in defending Jabal Sabih."

He continued, "The continued targeting of the jihad stronghold, Al-Silah Al-Harith, is an occupation madness that will intensify the resistance."

Khader Adnan considered that the great funeral of the two heroic martyrs, Abdullah Al-Hosari and Shadi Najm in the hero's Jenin camp, caused the occupation to lose its mind to launch this frantic campaign of arrests.

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